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Ms Nunez’s husband Jose Gaspar also spoke out at the funeral and demanded the hospital take action.

He told Spanish paper ABC: “This cannot end like this.

Mike Fetters, the director of, said: “Although a degree is an essential qualification for some industries, school leavers need to think more carefully about which route to employment is best for them as some may be more suited to an apprenticeship scheme.”The survey also shows that a third of unemployed graduates send at least one job application per business day.

Additionally, the majority of graduates are willing to travel up to 35 miles for a job interview, with one in six prepared to travel over 100 miles to secure a job.

But what really needs to be considered when exploring a solution? Sometimes privacy and security will conflict with one another.Sometimes you won't even know your privacy is being invaded.No father should have to bury their daughter.” Mr Cortes dismissed claims Ms Nunez’s death in Valme Hospital in Seville on Sunday was a freak accident and said the lifts, which he said were 30 years old, should not have been in use.And he insisted that two porters, rather than one, should have accompanied Ms Nunez when she was being moved from the second to the third floor after giving birth by C-section.

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